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All our resources are evidence-based, developed and reviewed by content experts, and incorporate stakeholder input where possible. Resources can be accessed by topic (e.g. Lynch syndrome resources can be found under Cancer Genomics, autism spectrum disorder resources can be found under Neurogenomics). Resources can also be retrieved under the type of resource that serves your needs. Whether you’re looking for a quick reference to use at the point of care or have more time and interest for a deep dive into a topic, if you’re a self-directed learner or an educator looking for slides with pearls - we’ve got you covered!

Point of care tools

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We have downloadable tools on a variety of genomic topics ready to use at the point of care. They can be saved and uploaded into electronic health records where possible. 

Some resources are intended to help identify and appropriately refer patients who may benefit from genetic services and reassure those at population risk, such as those in Cancer Genomics and Cardiogenomics. Others are intended to aid non-genomics clinicians navigate genomic testing criteria, pathways and results, such as autism spectrum disorder and carrier screening in Canada.

GECKO on the run

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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceThese resources are concise summaries for clinicians on genomic disorders, technologies or topics. They all feature a bottom line with key takeaway messages and relevant resources. A GECKO on the run is about 2-3 pages in length and is meant to highlight practical clinical information for non-genomics clinicians, such as:

•        What is the condition/topic/technology?

•        What are the Red Flags to consider a genetic assessment?

•        What does the genetic test result mean?

•        How will genetic testing help you and your patient?

•        Are there benefits, harms or limitations to genetic testing?

•        What are the recommended surveillance and management guidelines?

GECKO deep dive

(formerly GECKO Messenger)


Description automatically generatedThese resources are comprehensive summaries for clinicians on genomic disorders, technologies or topics. Deep dive is inspired by the Gene Reviews resources for genomic healthcare providers. All feature a bottom line containing the key clinical pearls and are written with awareness that the busy clinician may not have time to read through the entire resource.

When viewed online, the deep dive resources are intended to be interactive without being overwhelming. A clinician can visit the topic page and expand the section that contains the answer to their clinical question. Resources can also be downloaded, printed, or emailed in PDF format. 

The deep dive resources were developed as part of a randomized controlled trial known as the GenetiKit project which was demonstrated to be a very successful knowledge translation format.

Read more about the evidence behind our design in the peer-reviewed publications:

Carroll JC, Wilson BJ, Allanson J, Grimshaw J, Blaine SM, Meschino WS, Permaul JA, Graham ID. GenetiKit: a randomized controlled trial to enhance delivery of genetics services by family physicians. Fam Pract 2011; 28(6): 615-23.

Carroll JC, Grad R, Allanson JE, Pluye P, Permaul JA, Pimlott N, Wilson BJ. The Gene Messenger Impact Project: An Innovative Genetics Continuing Education Strategy for Primary Care Providers. J Contin Educ Health Prof 2016 Summer;36(3):178-85

Learning on your own

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Description automatically generatedThe GECKO team has been fortunate to present at education seminars and workshops locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. Here you will find slide decks that were prepared for accredited continuing education seminars. They use a primary care case-based approach to discuss advances in genomics, how they impact practice and provide tools for practicing providers. With objectives and resources, educators and self-directed learners will find them valuable for continuing education. GECKO is also working to expand our presentation format. More to come!

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